Step 1 - Review the 5th Grade Curriculum

The technology staff has become aware that students do not understand the copyright laws as they apply to music. This should be addressed in the Internet Safety Curriculum.

Grades 5 and 6

external image pdf.png Internet Safety Grade 5 Lesson Objectives.pdf

Private Information from CyberSmart!
Safe Talking in Cyberspace from CyberSmart!
Tracking Teresa from NetSmartz This lesson contains a video .
Do the Right Thing from CyberSmart!
Whose Is It, Anyway? from CyberSmart!
Cyberbullying: Not a Pretty Picture from CyberSmart! This lesson is for fifth grade.
Cyberbullying: Who, Me? Why Should I Care? from CyberSmart! This lesson is for sixth grade.

Step 2 - Review State of Illinois Internet Safety Standards

Download the attached file and Illinois Internet Safety Standards.

Step 3 - Choose lessons to meet the Illinois Internet Safety Standards. Complete the chart for the Grade 6 Lesson Objectives.

Review the attached website for a list of web based resources.