1. SAFETY and SECURITY: Amy's Choice from NetSmartz

2. PRIVACY: Post-to-be Private from NetSmartz

  • The videos, "Post-To-Be Private" and "Teens Talk Back: Social Networking" go along with this lesson, and can be found at http://www.nsteens.org/videos.aspx?Issue=Social-Networking. Both of these videos are together on the P2BPwR.mov available for download with NetSmartz materials at the Educators section of the NetSmartz website (look for Teaching Materials and click the download button); also available on DVD from Paula.
  • Another video that shows how what you post can't be taken back: Everybody knows you Online (on YouTube)
  • Internet Safety Pledge - students can discuss/sign:

3. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Trillion Dollar Footprint from Common Sense Media

The complete Lesson Plan with handouts can be found here:

  • Another video that would go well with this lesson is Your Photo Fate (2+ minutes): Found here on the NetSmartz website.

4. COPYRIGHT: A Creator's Responsibilities from Common Sense Media

Complete lesson plan with handouts can be found here:

5. CYBERBULLYING: Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line from Common Sense Media

The complete Lesson Plan along with Student Handouts here: