1. SAFETY AND SECURITY: Tracking Teresa from NetSmartz

NEW FOR 2015-2016:6 Degrees of Information from NetSmartzLesson Plan here:
Video on YouTube here; on Netsmartz.org here.

2. PRIVACY: Scams and Schemes from Common Sense MediaComplete lesson Plan including Student handouts:

3. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Mike-Tosis from NetSmartz

4. CYBERBULLYING: Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding from Common Sense Media

5. COPYRIGHT: A Creator's Rights from Common Sense MediaTeach 1 and Teach 2 can be covered in one period; follow up with Teach 3 if you'd like to extend the lesson.The entire Lesson Plan including student handouts and Teacher Backgrounder is here:

  • The Teacher Background information sheet is very useful and full of definitions of the terms covered in this lesson.
  • The Nicole's Story video is available online at the Common Sense Media website or you can get a DVD from Paula. Since it's mentioned in the vocabulary list, the Creative Commons website is interesting to explore, or you can look at license type descriptions at flickr's Creative Commons webpage.
    • Will you be able to use any images from books or the Web?
    • Will you be able to use your favorite music as background?
    • Will you need to create every image and sound in your presentations yourself?
    • Will you be able to quote a favorite author or lyrics from a favorite song?
  • You may also find the Copyright Kids website useful for general information and Basic Information and FAQs
  • Resources available in the Hauser LRC:
    • Copyright and Digital Ethics (book), published 2011
    • Cited! Identifying Credible Information Online (book),published 2011